The Mignonette Trilogy

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Introducing the Mignonette Trilogy. This batch of special edition mignonettes is straight out of the Barnegat Oyster Test Kitchen.

-one 1.75 oz jar of Classic Mignonette
-one 1.75 oz jar of Blue Bay Mignonette
-one 1.75 oz jar of Cinnamon Cosmo Mignonette

'Mignonette' comes from the French word for ‚Äúdelicate‚ÄĚ, and for this trinity, we took delicate to the extreme. Start off with the Classic, a baseline for which to measure all other migns. Red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and shallots. Simple and sweet.

Next, things get spicy with the Blue Bay Mignonette. Layered on top of the Classic‚Äôs base, BB features Jersey blueberries, coriander, habanero, jalape√Īos, basil, and local honey. The heat from the peppers is mellowed out by the acidity of the vinegar, cooling down before liftoff. Jersey Heat meets Jersey Sweet.

We close things down with an after-dinner drink: the Cinnamon Cosmo. Try the criminally underused gastronomic entity known as the dessert oyster, with a hint of Jersey Cranberries, Lime, Brown Sugar, and Ginger on top of the Classic base.

Three unique pairings, three diverse culinary experiences. Which will you choose first?

*only available for purchase with orders containing oysters*