Oyster of the Month Club

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Each month, we curate a rotating selection of 25 oysters from local and interesting/notable sources from around North America. Our goal is for every box to be unique and highlight the diversity of delicious flavors, broadening the Club Member’s oyster palette.

A 33 Oysters Journal is included in your first order so that you can record each oyster experience. Get ready for a delicious, education journey into oyster tasting!

Each month you will receive a 10% discounted Oyster Party Pack, for just $49.50. Sign up today and select your first shipping date to start receiving regular, automated deliveries every 4 weeks. Oysters will ship every 4 weeks from the initially selected shipping date, and your payment method will automatically be charged every 4 weeks. Manage your subscription settings any time using your account login (the 'person' icon in the top right corner of our website).

What's included: 25 freshly-harvested oysters from our featured variety, 33 Oysters Journal, plus a lemon and a 'Time-Temperature' device for safe cold transit.

      *Additional items such as shucking knives and condiments can be added to your cart.

      We ship our subscription orders on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Monthly subscription orders will automatically ship every 4 weeks from your initially selected date. Estimated 1 day delivery from selected shipping date. Oysters can be kept refrigerated for a week prior to consumption. We offer free 1-day ground shipping to zip codes within our Ground-Zone (Tri-State area), and $35 flat rate shipping to all other locations in the US.

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