Branded Rosewood Shucking Knife

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  • Rose Wood Handle with branded BOC logo
  • Hardened Stainless Steal Blade
  • Brass
  • ¬†

    This oyster knife is our current favorite for opening all sorts of petite to medium sized oysters. 

    It features a rose wood handle and a hardened stainless steal blade with a slightly sharper tip than most entry level shuckers.  Additionally, one side of the blade is equipped with a slightly sharpened edge. 

    Once you've pried between the top and bottom shell at the hinge of the oyster with the tip, this sharpened edge will allow a much cleaner slicing of the adductor muscle and and overall more professional shuck. 

    You'll see the difference in how intact the meat of the oyster is when you've finished the shuck when compared to a standard style oyster blade.

    *This item is available for pickup and shipping when in the same order as oysters. If ordered without oysters, pickup is not available and shipping will be the only option. Item may arrive in separate packages/on separate days if shipped with oyster orders.