Blood Point Oyster Company

Jersey Devil Oysters

Grown by Adam Sprague

Forty North Oyster Farms

Sugar Shack Oysters

Grown by Matt Gregg, Erik Gross, Dylan Parks, Kayla Racanelli, Liam Andersen, & Kelly Giannetto

Laughing Gull Oyster Farm

Laughing Gull Oysters

Grown by Chris & Lauren Carroll

Love Oysters

Love Oysters

Grown by Matt Matusky

Schramm's Shellfish

Violet Sky Oysters

Grown by Ryan & Julia Schramm

Sea Meadow Oysters

Beach Blossom Oysters

Grown by Kevin Cummings

Valhalla Oyster Co.

Dune Fox Oysters

Grown by Richard Van Salisbury, Arthur Gant, & Derek O’Neill

Sloop Point Oyster Farms

Sloop Point Oysters

Grown by Tommy Burke

Tuckers Island Shellfish Company

Tuckers Island Oysters

Grown by Jordan Lopinto & Katie Gross

Oystering was once a vibrant way of life for the bay community, until it collapsed in the 1950s. Our independent farming members represent the future of the sustainable working waterfront of New Jersey and the fastest growing agricultural industry in the Garden State.

As a collective, we thank you for your support!