OMG x BOC - Oyster Appreciation & Sensory Workshop


$75.00 per person


About this experience

Level up your oyster know-how at our Oyster Appreciation & Sensory Workshop led by internationally acclaimed Oyster Sommelier and Co-founder of Oyster Master Guild, Julie Qiu, and Barnegat Oyster Collective, Matt Gregg.

This interactive tasting workshop will teach you key skills of Oyster Sommeliers and Oyster Shuckers. Assess your palate, deepen your understanding of flavor creation, and enhance your ability to describe the subtle nuances of different oyster varieties.

Friday, May 31, 5pm - 630pm

The 90-minute class includes:

+ Guided raw tasting of 4 oyster varieties

+ Beverage pairingĀ 

+ Oyster appreciation 101 and species overview

+ How oyster farming works

+ 33 Oysters on the Half Shell Tasting Journal

*Julie Qiu is an international oyster sommelier and educator, the creator of In A Half Shell, and co-founder of the Oyster Master Guild. She specializes in promoting oyster appreciation through masterclasses and sensory workshops, as well as working with oyster producers and trade organizations on brand strategy. Julie is the co-author of the 33 Oysters on the Half Shell tasting journal and has been featured by Vogue, New York Times, USA Today, NPR, Food & Wine, and Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix.