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A fun and incredibly delicious way to enjoy oysters. Slow roast on your grill, open fire, or even your oven. The smokey cedar box of shellfish on a bed of seaweed, topped with sprigs of sage basically shucks the oysters for you - great for both beginner and experienced oyster eaters.

The process is simple but takes a little time (1.5-2 hours), so plan this treat for a weekend feast with family and friends. Order to arrive a day ahead, just in case the UPS guy doesn’t make it to your doorstep in time to prepare. Oysters will keep at refrigerated temperatures for a week.

Oyster Roasts are a coastal tradition from Maine to the Chesapeake and beyond. These seasonal community gatherings were a big ordeal requiring a big fire, lots of burlap and some local knowhow.  

Our Oyster Roast Kit simplifies the process and minimizes the ordeal to the scale of a backyard barbeque. Now any grill buff can enjoy this delicacy. Wait until you try these roasted oysters…you won’t be disappointed!

The process in a nut(oyster?)shell:

  1. Soak the cedar box in water for 1 hour
  2. Create your oyster/seaweed/sage bed
  3. Slow roast for 90 minutes
  4. Eat!

(See instruction sheet for in-depth instructions)

What’s in the package:

  • Cedar roast box
  • 25 oysters¬†
  • Rockweed seaweed
  • Sage bundle¬†
  • 1 Lemon
  • Instruction sheet

Add scallops at checkout to your package to expand your grilled feast and support the Barnegat Oyster Collective with your hard-earned dollars.

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