The Wave Case

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The Wave Case oyster variety pack has everything you need to make waves; whether you’d like to host your own backyard shucking party, or simply indulge your inner oyster connoisseur, this is the variety pack for you!

This oyster variety pack will give you a taste of each of our different New Jersey oyster growing regions, and is sure to satisfy your craving. The 100-count option offers 25 oysters from each of our 4 growing regions, and the 200-count offers 50 oysters from each region.
It's kind of like a White Castle Crave Case - without the sliders, of course, just pure bivalve bliss!

Remember, if stored properly in your refrigerator, freshly harvested oysters can last for up to a week! No need to eat them all in one sitting. Eat some raw, grilled, poached, baked, broiled... you name it, there's a recipe for everyone.


What's included:

  • Variety of 100 or 200 oysters
  • 1 fresh lemon
  • Shipped in a cooler box with ice packs
  • a 'Time-Temperature' device that ensures safe and cold transit

*Additional items such as shucking knives and condiments can be added to your cart

The specific type of oysters included in the sampler package from each region are based on availability and harvest conditions for our farmers. Here is a highlight of flavor profiles from each of our regions:

Northern Barnegat Bay - Mantoloking Region (Sloop Point & Dune Fox Oysters)

  • Tasting profile: Sweet with mild¬†salinity, due to upper bay and further ocean proximity

Southern Barnegat Bay - Barnegat Light Region (Sugar Shack & Laughing Gull)

  • Tasting profile: Very briny due to close proximity to the ocean, crisp, mild sweetness¬†

Little Egg Harbor - Rose Cove Region (Tuckers Island, Beach Blossom, Violet Sky Oysters)

  • Tasting profile: Balanced brine and sweetness

Great Bay Region - (Jersey Devil & Love Oysters)

  • Tasting profile: Medium Salinity with subtle vegetal notes¬†

Oysters in the package will be color coded by zip tie and marked accordingly in the brochure.

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How long can my oysters last? 

  • Most people find it surprising, but oysters have a pretty good shelf life. They‚Äôre simple organisms. It doesn‚Äôt take much to send them into hibernation mode. Store them in a fridge, cup side down, with a wet paper towel over them. They‚Äôll be safe to eat for at least a week. You‚Äôll know they‚Äôre dead if they open up.¬†

Where did my oysters come from?

  • Your package should have arrived with some printed literature naming the oyster variety. Explore this map for a general area of where each oyster is grown. You‚Äôll notice the saltier oysters are grown closer to the ocean, while the sweeter ones are grown near rivers and creeks.¬†

How do I know if the oysters are safe to eat? 

  • Our packaging practices have been verified safe by a third party. We go an extra step to ensure safety. Please refer to the little tab (Time Temperature Indicator) that‚Äôs on the inside of your package‚Äôs cooler. While most UPS packages arrive on time, sometimes there‚Äôs mistakes. If the tab says there was a temperature breach then just shoot us an email and we will find a way to correct it. For risks associated with eating raw oysters, please visit the FDA‚Äôs website on Advice about Eating Fish.¬†

Can I buy oysters in person?

  • Yes. It‚Äôs always best to order ahead or call ahead to ensure we have what you‚Äôre looking for. Our # is 609-450-9005 and our address is 483 E Bay Avenue in Barnegat Township.

Is it true that oysters should only be eaten in months that have an ‚ÄúR‚ÄĚ?

  • This is old news. This saying was coined prior to the luxury of mechanical refrigeration.¬†